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Blue Boards Vs. Green Boards


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Some of you may have seen my post asking when blue boards will be in stock. The last answer I got was for the July sale. That was just too close to setting up time for me. So I had to make a decision. Now, I have always preferred the blue boards because of the additional overall amp capacity and the luxury of changing the controller ID simply by turning the switch. Also, with the blue board being slightly larger it allowed more room for soldering when assembling.

However, after checking my history, I found that I have had more issues with the blue boards than the green. NOTE: some of these were MY ISSUES and the overall amount of issues has been small. I still stand by my previous statements that you will not find better performance, service and warranty anywhere else. So I had to consider all the factors.

  • What am I using them for? (total amps)
  • Will the green boards meet my needs?
  • Do I want to risk waiting until July, hope there is not an issue and take a chance on not getting it back in time?

The answers were: Less than 10 amps each, yes and no.


Although I am somewhat obsessive compulsive and liked the fact that all my boards were the same color, size, etc., I had to look at reality. They arrived on Friday and so far two are assembled with no issues.


Just some food for thought for those of you that may be waiting for the blue boards to arrive.

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