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Does size matter? (with power supply that is)

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I have been testing some 5V smart pixels ( WS2811) with an EGC–P2-2.  When I hook up two strings of 50
together I have a power drop in the last 25 or so pixels.  I am using a 5V 20 amp power supply with only
pig tails between the PS and the pixels – no long run of wire.  If my calculations are correct the 100 pixels
should only be using 6 amps.  Is the power drop due to the size of the power supply? 
Am I going to have to inject power every 75 pixels?  Thanks.


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My understanding with 2811 pixels is power injection at the 50 mark or power at the end of a 100 pixel string which will still, in theory be every 50 pixels

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When looking at the RGB Smart stuff, it is recomended to use 12V stuff as there is less power loss.

PM me if you want the link to the RGB Smart String stuff and controllers. ;)



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