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DMX512 USB Interface for Vixen

Mr Sir

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I bought a (DMX512 USB Interface for Vixen USB to DMX Dongle Adaptor Enttec Pro Compatible) dongle on the cheap $50 with rather crappy instructions, however it does not work. I set up a test sequence, the network preferences sees it as;  "Enttec Pro" Protocal; "Enttec Pro" and  the listener accepts and opens. It flashes a green LED but no dice on my DMX device. I see dongles  on B-Bay and amazon all the time and wonder, am I just pounding sand with this? do I need the  Enttec Pro for $160 instead.








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Did you see the DMXKING ($49) or the HolidayCoro ($55) versions?


They work great, have plenty of understandable documentation and lots of support if you have problems.


I personally recommend the DMXKing model because I've had great success with commercial displays using it.


I also have the Enttec Pro ($154) and Fusion Pro ($124).


One day I might own a HolidayCoro version.


And I've never had to pound sand.



Since this isn't a question about LOR products, you might want to get input from the DIY Christmas forum. They have Vixen people.

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I’m pretty sure which dongle you bought.  It’s actually meant to be used with a Renard controller but should work fine with LOR though.  The DIY controllers are wired differently.  You just need to swap pins 4 & 5 and move pin 1 or 2 to 6.



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