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Firmware warning

rick gurnee

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Ran into an interesting problem today and thought I might let others know about it.  I purchased some additional CCR's during the winter sale and decided today to do some programming.  I noticed that they were all running version 1.07 of the firmware as was my CCR's I bought last year.  I upgraded everything to version 1.10 (which I thought was the latest release) and addressed the controllers 21 through 2C.


When I started running some of the sequences I had coded I started seeing strange results.  Lights were coming on that I hadn't coded.  It took a while but I was able to devise a simple test that showed what was happening.  In the hardware editor, I turned on channel 1 of controller 21 and the first led's came on in red (as expected).  However, when I turned on channel 1 of controller 2A, the following happened:

Controller 2A had the first led's come on in red

Controller 29 had the third set of led's come on in blue.

Controller 28 had the fifth set of led's come on in green.

Controller 27 had the seventh set of led's come on in red.


I might not have the exact set of led's and colors correct, but a lot of lights came on that weren't suppose to.  Only the CCR's that I bought last year were working correctly.  Anytime I turned a light on, all of the lower addressed contollers that were new also turned on a different light.


I found on the LOR webpage that version 1.17 of the firmware in now the latest.  I'm not sure when this came out, but I upgraded to it and everything is fine now. 


I don't know if this problem would have happened on 1.07 or not, but it certainly happened on 1.10 and only on the controllers I bought this year, not the ones I bought last year.


So if anyone has upgraded to 1.10, I would recommend putting in 1.17.


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In HWU  verify your CCR is not set to legacy mode.  This pic is a few years old.  All of my 8 CCRs are on the latest firmware.



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