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DMX with LOR ?

Mr Sir

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Apparently, as the title indicates,  there is some confusion on my
part as to the interfacing of LOR to DMX using an ENTTEC dongle. I have
been studing this (DMX) technology for some time and this is not a
difficult concept to grasp. The e1.31 protocol i'm a bit out there with, I am using v3.5.0 with an Advanced license. I have read forums and watched video's on
this (most not very well coriographed) subject of the "ENTTEC Open DMX USB" $60 vs the " ENTTEC Pro DMX USB
$120". Both claim to work with LOR. To keep this simple, I am using (1)
USB/485 adaptor to my LOR controllers on one side and I would like to
add some DMX devices using a dongle to the PC on the other side.

Whats the difference?

What will actually work?

What's better?

I saw a e3.1 to DMX bridge but this is a little into the deep end for me.

Input would be greatly appreciated!



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Kind of answering your questions backwards. I recommend playing with DMX just using your USB 485 and a conversion cable from rj45 to XLR (LOR sells them is you don't want to make up one yourself).


 S3 and the USB 485 can directly output DMX to a device. Set your DMX address on the device to 1 and set up a simple LOR sequence (one LOR channel for each DMX channel) and things should work running from your PC. (there is another program that S3 runs automatically)


Once you have played with only DMX then you can get both going at the same time. (needs two USB 485's or a 485 and aother "dongle".

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The LOR USB485 has a tendency to offset the DMX address by +1, FYI (there are other threads with more details).


Some people reported problems with the Enttec Open model not keeping up with sound.

It relies on your computer to generate the DMX signal.


No one has reported problems with the Enttec Pro or the DMXKing or the DMX Fusion Pro.

The one from HolidayCoro is also good, but you can only put one on your system (unless you modify it's onboard memory).


These all generate the DMX signal themselves; no timing issues.

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I figured Id add to this I know its a little old but I run LOR and I run the holiday coro dmx....not a single glitch...David shows you how to hook it up his website and to get LOR to pick it up....I actually have 2 DMX universes on my laptop one is the Holiday Coro one and the other is a Lynx dongle,along with one LOR 16 channel.

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