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CTB16KPC Build Notes/Questions


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Built two kits this weekend. The new cases are really slick. Wish these were around when I was assembling kits last year!

How many people are actually dual-powering their boards? I have not done any this way. It is nice to have the option, but I don't see the need for the lights I am running.

How many people have installed the CPU 180 degrees backward? Usually, all chips on a board face the same direction. In the case of these boards, all chips EXCEPT the CPU face the same way. I soldered in a socket backward, but caught myself in as I was inserting the chip. That probably would not have passed the smoke-test.

The PC boards themselves are quite thick, probably due to the mechanical strain of connecting the spade lugs. Some of the leads, like the chip sockets, RJ45 connector leads, resistor networks, etc barely come through the back of the board for soldering. Make the back of the board smoother, but you really need to make sure that you get solder flow through the holes.

Anyway, both boards passed the night-light test (16 Dollar Store night lights connected). Anyone want to buy some Orange/Orange/Brown resistors in bulk ;)??

88 Channels ready to go!


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