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Newbie Question- Controlling 3rd Party DMX gear


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Hi Everyone,
(This is my first time posting on the forums ^_^ )

My current setup is:
(1) Windows PC running a Basic Version of S3
(1) ShowTime PC CTB16PC
(1) Cosmic Color Ribbon

My question is that I'm looking to control a series of DMX-3CH-4A 4 Amp 3 Channel LED DMX Controller/Decoders that are connected to basic RGB LED strips.
(link: http://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/dmx-decoders/dmx-3ch-4a-4-amp-3-channel-led-dmx-controllerdecoder/114/523/) they are currently daisy chained to my current LOR gear using Cat5 cables.

This is probably a very basic question but: What kind of upgrades/adapters (if any) would I need to purchase to control this gear? What would you suggest that might be the most cost effective way to do this?


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First thing you will need to upgrade your lor software to advance s3 so you can get the dmx output.

check out holidaycoro.com great info there!! and great prices.

seasonalentertainment.com is a good site too great info and prices

hope this helps

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Don't plug it into the LOR network; you may end up with damaged equipment.


Even though the plugs seem to match, the wiring is different.


As far as a DMX adapter, you can easily use the iDMX1000 supplied by LOR; it works great and you can test channels with the Hardware Utility.

It is more expensive than others, but you will have a quality unit that is supported by LOR.


Another DMX adapter is the DMXKing, in use by myself and several others. On sale every now and then for about $40. Works like a champ, but you cannot use the Hardware Utility to test it. There's other software out there for that.


Another DMX adapter in use by many people is the Enttec Pro unit, which ranges from $100-$150. Same thing as above; cannot test with the LOR Hardware Utility.


There are other excellent ones out there, but expect to pay to get a quality unit. They're a good investment.



The cheaper ones are usually accompanied by their own "quirks".

If you have a lot of time on your hands and don't mind the eccentric ones, you can get by inexpensively.

But expect to pull your hair out when they don't work like they should.


There's lots of information on Holidaycoro.com and Youtube to better understand this DMX stuff at your own pace.

Those resources may be just what you are looking for.


And of course there's the LOR forum right here; excellent people can answer your questions.

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okay great-


thanks for the heads up about some of the pitfalls of using cheaper gear and some advice about where to look

excited to dive into the world of LOR B)

(thanks abears4 and ken)

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