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Will Mp3 work now with CCR's added?


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I am exploring adding 8-12 CCR tree into my display for 2013. Last year I was only running 32 channels so in addition to adding 64 channels for traditional lighting, I am thinking about biting off a big CCR tree with a star.


I believe I will have to add additional networks/USB connections correct? Im still getting my hands around what I need to add in addition to the CCR's and controllers/power supplies.


It dawned on me that my New Showtime MP3 might not work now. That the additional usb adaptors required will require me to run off a laptop with 3 usb ports. Am I missing something here?


I help desked LOR a few times to get a phone call back so someone could walk me thru what hardware changes the CCR jump would require. I got an answer but none given on my mp3 question.


What say you oh sage ones?

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The G3 MP3 director can handle up to 2 networks.  Using the new 500K speed,you should be able to pull off the CCR tree on one network, and the rest of your stuff on the other using 500K.  


Just remember that 500K is a more susceptible to old/cheap cables and distances.


What was your ticket number?

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Thanks Mike. I have the MP3 I bought last November (2012). I am also adding a bunch of controllers and just wanted a "live voice" before I jumped in with both feet and made a HUGE mistake.


Distance won't be too much of a problem. Maybe 350 feet total distance from 1st controller to last. Max.

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Sorry about that.  I looked at the ticket and saw a response and didn't give it another thought.


I just looked through it again, and don't see a question on there about the MP3 Director.  What can I answer for you?

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I am also going to be purchasing the new G3 MP3 Showtime Director, and yes it can do CCR's.   However, the caveat is, to use all features of the G3 DC-MP3 Showtime Director does require the LOR Software to be at revision 3.9.x and up. 


Any of the lower versions below 3.9.x will require an license update to use all features of the new G3 Director.  So I'll be upgrading to 2 CCR Superstar option that will also upgrade my license. 


Since you already have the SS software, if your license is for any version lower than 3.9.x will require a license upgrade to use all features.  However, from what I've read it could still be used for CCR's with the lower license levels, just not all features will be available to you it is capable of.  


I'll be upgrading to SS and 3.9.x because I want to access ALL features of the new unit I'm buying to replace my older DC-MP3 Showtime Director, which the older version can not do CCR's directly, but would require additional hardware to do so.


Hope that may answer your question.

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