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Overflow Error


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I hooked up a pre-assembled PC board and am attempting to set a unit ID for the unit. I get the following error: "The serial port (Comm4) assigned to LOR has a problem. You need to select another port. Overflow."

Now, I know comm4 is fine because shows work fine on Comm4, and the hardware utility controls other boards fine on Comm4. Also, this board has a good connection to the PC because I was able to update the firmware on this board. (I did this to test the connectivity between the LORPC board and hardware utility.)


Things I tried:

*different ethernet cable
*different PC (Same overflow error on another pc)
*Tested board to see if unit ID set anyway; it did not.
* hardware utility 1.5.6

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Light-O-Rama Email Support 11:42 am (26 minutes ago)


Can you download and re-install the Hardware Utility (from the support page).... This does not make any sense and it seems like something has become corrupt.


All, removing the hardware utility and reinstalling again has fixed the problem.

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