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Licence key for two PC's


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Hi Folks,

First post, so apologies if its in the wrong place!! :-/

Not sure if theres anyone on this forum from Ireland, but I've never seen ANYTHING LIKE a light-o-rama show in this country before - so much so, I've been fascinated by it. Static light displays have 'only just' copped on over here! (That will show you how 'behind' we are in some areas!).

Anyway, I've just ordered 3 X 16ch LOR Kits (to be converted for 240v AC- UK/IRL) for my first attempt for next Christmas. Also downloaded and bought the FULL version of S3 (I'm handy enough at software & IP stuff) which I've been playing around with and find very easy to use - plus theres a video for EVERY SINGLE STEP somewhere on the internet!.

Anyway, my question is this;

I have a tower PC out back in my shack (Man-cave ;-0) which I will be running my shows from - therefore I loaded S3 and the Licence key onto that.

However, I tend to do a lot of preparatory work on various projects indoors on my Laptop and usually just FTP over the files to the shack PC when done.

I would like to be able to do this with S3/LOR as well, so I have also loaded S3 on my laptop - but unfortunately it will only work in demo mode.

Is there any way that the same key can be used on both PC's?

Remember I'm starting from scratch here, the 3 16ch LOR units & software have just about broke the bank - and I haven't even bought a bulb for my display yet!! - so I don't want to have to fork out for a second licence key if I can help it?

Any assistance or advice on this would be greatly appreciated, guys.

Many thanks in advance, & happy New Year ;-)


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The license is good for up to 5 computers. You simply need to register the software on the other other computer. (The one in Demo mode) You can register in the Sequence Editor (or I think in the LOR Control Panel as well.)

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