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I just finished my first build of my LOR Controller and I have a question. I mistakenly soldered the two IC's, 8pin and 28 pin directly to the board and did not use the sockets like the instructions stated. I tried to de-solder them, but I could not get the solder out. Will this cause me problems if I leave them like this, or should I try again to get them off the board? I did not want to take the chance, so I figured I would ask the experts.

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Shouldn't be a problem if they work OK.

If they need to be replaced, it's lotsa work. I don't how often they fail, but maybe others will.

To remove solder use a braided wick: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12580048

Put it over the solder joint and heat it from above; the solder will be drawn into the braid. Don't over heat the IC; alternate ends or let it cool between removals.

See the video:

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Six years, and about 60 controllers, I've had one of the 8 pin RS-485 chips fail. I've never had the large chip, the micro controller fail. Not having them in the sockets won't increase the odds of failure at all. it just makes them more difficult to replace if they do fail. I wouldn't worry about it at all, other than maybe think that much harder about having a spare controller.

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When and if you do have to unsolder a part from a PCB, I found this tool to be WAY more convenient than using desoldering braid:




Best $15 you will ever spend.  

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