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i have a warm up seq, 4 music seq and a finale seq. i want to run the warm up first thing each night then want to run the 4 seq every half hour then end of night run the finale how do you do this thanks for the help

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There are several ways you could do this. Here is one way.

1) Create a show (in the show editor) with your warm up sequence.

2) Create a show with your 4 musical sequences. Also go ahead and create a 25-30 minute animation sequence (or several shorter ones) and place them in the musical section, after your songs.

3) Create your finale.

Now schedule the shows. (example times)

Warm up 5:30 - 6:00

4 Musical - Start times of 6:00, 6:30, etc.

Finale - Whatever time you want the finale to run.

The software will stop an animation sequence no matter where in the sequence it is at. Thus you want the animation sequences to be long enough to prevent the songs from repeating.

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