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Tips for Securely Mounting Enclosure

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Due to being out of work since November 9, I wasn't able to implement my 16 channel system as I intended. Long story short, the budget was non-existent this year so the controller needs to be mounted outside near my display on the back of a brick column.

It's not directly exposed to rain as it's under the eave of the house, but I have had decorations disappear from the yard in the past. I was thinking of using concrete anchors through five holes in the enclosure, sealing the screw holes with silicone, putting a lock on the enclosure, and relying on the dogs to let us know when someone walks up. (They're very, very good at that.)

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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1) paint it ugly. Flat brown with runs. Or a stone paint that looks similar to your brick. If it looks like you don't care, it must not be valuable.

2) tapcon screws into brick work really well. Don't even bother to seal the holes. Any moisture that works in will run down the back inside of the case harmlessly.

3) use the cover screw to keep prying hands away.

Just those should do a good job.

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