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DC-MP3 Firmware update

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Hi, I see a lot of posts referencing issues to the mp3 players and using 2gb or smaller SD cards and formatting to FAT16. I just want folks to know that (at least for the DC-MP3) the firmware update to 4.x makes a lot of improvements. After a long search of this forum, I found a post referencing a new beta version of firmware for the DC-MP3 and what the improvements are. This post was from 2010, and listed the following:


  • Previously, an individual sequence could only last for up to ten minutes. It can now last up to 44 hours.
  • Previously, only certain manufacturer's SD cards were supported. A much larger variety is now supported (list to be compiled - although it will more likely be a list of unsupported cards rather than a list of supported cards)
  • Support for SD cards with the FAT32 file system was added.
  • Support for SDHC (high capacity) SD cards was added.
  • When a sequence started playing, in some rare cases the music and the lights would start off significantly out of sync with each other. (fixed)

I updated my DC-MP3 to version 4.x and now use 4gb cards formatted with FAT32, and have had no issues. I think this is a firmware update worth making.


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