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This has been the setup from He..! Busted CCR

David Barnett

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Hey folks, title says it all. trying to get things rolling for test last night, no way! One issue after another. Don't ask.

Anyway, I live in Colleyville,TX the DFW metroplex. My center 1/2 of my CCR is busted...traced to a broken resistor cylinder thingy.

I have a call into Don(LOR Partner) to see if he may have one in stock. I forgot were the link is for the other partners list.

If Don or anyone here doesn't have them; what would be the quickest way to obtain..ie overnight. Right now my cloudy mind can only think of LOR and wowlights.

I have a temp workaround, but it will affect the show somewaht. It is what it is I guess.

Any insight, ideas appreciated.



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I have about 8 CCRs in stock and can overnight to you. Go to my website and order or email me and I should be able to respond today. I have a few orders to prepare for tomorrow's shipping so adding is not too late.


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