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HWU won't find my unit 5

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To all,

appreciate any help you can offer. I have 7 units. HWU is finding 6 of the 7 but not unit 5. I have units running in series so the cat5 is going through unit 5 and picking up units 6 & 7. I have rebooted computer and unit 5, re-ran the HWU and still nothing. It was working just yesterday fine. At a loss. Thanks for any advice you can offer.


Phx, AZ

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In the HU try firing up the lights. If you have 2 units with the same ID the lights will come on both.

You can try and unplug/plug "unit 5" to see if it resets.

It would also help to know what "unit 5" is? (pc16 ccr/ccb etc)


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