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iDMX issues


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I have two iDMX1000s. One is in the middle of a string of CTB16PC controllers and one is at the end of the same string. Attached to each of the iDMX1000s are four of the RGB Luminaries. I have five shows a night. One intro, three regular shows and a closing show. The iDMX in the middle of the string of controllers works perfectly all the time. The one at the end of the string will randomly stop working at the beginning of one of the shows. The RGB Luminaries no longer are blinking.

At first, the iDMX was powered by a CTB16PC controller that has a 12 inch CAT5 cable in between. I have now tried running it off the 12V power that runs the RGB Luminaries and it has the same issue. The way that I correct the issue is to completely power down the iDMX1000 and then back up. It seems like I have to wait for the currently running sequence to end and then it starts working on the start of the next sequence.

Anyone have any issues like this before? I am going to try and reprogram the iDMX1000 after my shows tonight and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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