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Unable to import animation information


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This year I upgraded from 32 channels to 80 so I am in the process of resequencing my old songs. I have run into a snag:

When I open an old sequence (32 channels), I want to import my new channel configuration and animation (80 channels). I can import the channel information OK but the new animation will not import. The animation that was originally associated with this sequence remains.

I am using version 1.6.1 so I can utilize the slower play speeds --- perhaps this version is the problem?

Or maybe I don’t have the animation file saved in the proper directory. Which brings up another question: What file extensions does LOR use? I know that .lms is a sequence file, but what is an .lss or an .las? (Maybe that was three questions)

Please excuse me if this has been answered before – I looked on the Wiki and did a search to no avail.

- Dave

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When you import the channel configuration (a .LCC file, BTW) you are asked "Do you want to import the animation?" Make sure you say "Yes" or else you won't get the animation.

I would take a working file from last year, and open it. Then "Edit -> Export Channel Configuration" and save the file to a temp name. (Say, 20070802.lcc)

Close that file, and open a new one, and import your temp lcc file. You should say yes to the above mentioned question, and your animation should then be imported.

.LMS - LOR Musical Sequence
.LAS - LOR Animation Sequence
.LCC (See above)
.LSC LOR Schedule file
.LSS LOR Show (Something?) ;) (Your shows that you've created.)

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[shadow=red]That did the trick![/shadow]

I was answering 'yes' to importing the animation, but it wasn't working.

I already had the new .lcc file saved but reExporting it and then Inporting in into an existing sequence did the trick.

Thanks for the help. Now back to cleaning up the sequence.

- Dave

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