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controller reverts back to unit 1


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This has happened to me several times now, on different controllers.

I connect directly to the controller and change it's controller id to something other than 1 (ie. to 2 or 3).

Then run the show, it works.

But, after some time, perhaps I have removed power to the controller, or added channels, or other common changes,

the controller I had set to 2 or 3 reverts back to unit id 1. (and then I have two controllers as unit 1, which isn't what I want).

Do I need to do something special for the controller to remember what unit id it is?

How can i get it to always remember that it is unit id 2 or 3?

How, after I changed it's address, could it revert back to unit id 1???

Please help. First year with these things.



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My guess is you are using a controller with dials to set the unit id, but are instead setting it with the hardware utility.

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I have three CTB16D controllers on my network, including two CCRs.

Unfortunately, when my controller reverts back to 1, I only see 4 controllers, instead of 5 on the network.

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Yes, reading the user manual is a good start (thanks).

I guess, since I was able to dynamically set the unit ID directly to the controller, I didn't think I need to manually set the rotary switches.

Apparently I have to set the rotary switches, which is no big deal, since I'm not dynamically changing the unit ids.

It does make me wonder why the hardware utility allows me to change the unit id, when in fact that is only temporary.

The weird thing is that controller 2, was set dynamically, and seems to be still working.

I guess it's when I power down the controller it loses it's memory, then I have to reset it's controller id again.

Thanks guys for the help...or at least getting me to read the user manual.

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