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Trouble with Showtime director (MP3 Player) Not Playing at all

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I have been running a 1602 MP3 system for several years now adding controllers each year. Having trouble this year with songs playing. Changed all my sequences this year. Bought some from Light-O-Rama and some from Wowlights and modified them. When I loaded the SD card the first time everything worked fine. As we were finishing up the job we realized only three of the six songs were playing. I took the card out and checked it out. All the files were loaded on it. I erased everything and did it again. Same results. Just hooked up the laptop and everything worked fine. The next day i tried again and nothing would play at all. So I have it running on the laptop now and everything works fine. Is my MP3 plaver going bad? Software Problems? Please Help! S2 v2.3.8 Advanced

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