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LOR 1.6.3 on old win 98 PC

Al Singer

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I have an old Celeron 666 with 128 Megs with a fresh install of windows 98 all updated

Full version of LOR 1.6.3

None of my music sequences will work.

  1. I have done the Edit->Audio File and locate the audio file for this sequence.
  2. Unchecked CONTROL LIGHTS. (I have not hooked LOR box up to this PC yet).
  3. Played the MP3 file in WMP 7 (that’s all I can update to in WIN 98) they work fine.
  4. Animation only sequences work fine.

Do I need to drop down to a lower version of LOR to work on WIN 98 ?

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Yes, 1.6.1 will work. The reason why 1.6.3 doesn't work is because it requires windows media player 9. WMP9 is only available with 98SE.


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