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Sequencing help, Superstar to DMX


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This year, I decided to change from LSP to LOR and I have v.3.8 with superstar 24 CCR's.

I have a E681 with WS 2811 strips. When I ran my show my strips didn't work.

I think I have figured out the issue.

I create a blank show that has all my elements then when I start making a new sequence I resave as the name of the song.

Being new to E1.31 and LOR, I added 12 CCR's into my sequence, then I copied and pasted the sequence I created in Superstar to the CCR's.

How ever I believe this was in error and I needed to copy and paste them as DMX.

I see I can set up a DMX controller or a RGB controller (not CCR), which is the best method to get my Superstar sequences into my sequence so it will work correctly with my E681.

Thank you for your time.

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This post can be removed, from seaching the web and help from a forum member, I figured out how to get it working.

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Please see this link, I sent the write up to Brian as well and he said he would post it on his website somehwere. I wrote the instructions on a different thread where someone else had a similar issue.


See post #18 in that thread

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