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Are my CCP Pixels not responding fast enough?


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I know this has probably been posted a few(dozen) times. I have looked, but cannot find an answer.

I just built a small matrix with 2 CCP's for a total of 200 Pixels. The Matrix is 25 wide and 8 High.

Right now I am testing only this, nothing else. If I do simple scrolling text (Red, Green or Blue), it works fine.

When I start blending colors, (Purples, Teals, Oranges) some random pixels turn other colors first... like red first, then purple, or blue, then teal.

This looks horrible.

This is the only thing being programmed right now, and the only thing in the sequence.

Am I missing something? I cannot find a firware newer than 1.12 for these, and am running 3.8 of LOR.

I can't believe it is a network issue, it's the ONLY thing running.

P.S. I am not using any macros... Those channels have been removed from the sequence



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I can't say that this might be your issue, but have you looked at your PC. I know that I had to clean my machine this summer because as it warmed up it slowed down while running the visualizer, so as we ask our machines to do more work we depend more and more on the resourses of our machines. In my professional experience where we sometimes tax the machines we use, make sure you have all of the memory that your machine will support, if you are looking at a new machine in the future get as much CPU and memory as your wallet will support.

Good Luck

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The Logical resolution channel 151 can reduce your network traffic a lot. Set it to 1 to change the entire string to one color in a single command instead of 50. The others are useful too.

Here is what I do to my comm ports. Somewhere it was stated this doesnt matter. Maybe Dev Mike or Bob can say with certainty.

Go to device manager and select your com port. The default speed is 9600. I set mine much higher. Also there is a buffer size which I set to the max 4096. You will have to then reboot.

Check your LOR network speed. You will have to test if the faster speed helps or hurts. But one thing which effects that is how much interference is on the cat5 line. Be sure it does not run across or along side any power cords. The more commands going across the cat 5 line the more power is drawn and more possibility for interference. So be very careful about keeping them a few feet apart.

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Bob, thanks for your response.

I have tried everything you listed, but unfortunately it did not help. Even running on my fastest machine.

This is really frustrating. I only have two sets of the CCR's in a matrix. How do you guys with much bigger matrixes handle this?

It really looks like garbage. I have only one network for the testing and this is the only thing in the sequence. It appears like the CCP's cannot keep up.

It basically defeats what I want to do with it. I am unable to use multicolor text with a different background because the effect is so bad.

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Hi Bob,

I used your marquee tool to create my text. I just tested now using your clipboard. The same thing happens. I am at a loss...

Side question?

If you have 7 networks running your two matrixes, how many USB-RS485 connectors do you have hooked up to your PC?

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7 lol Have a 10 port usb hub just for my LOR networks. 3 for big board. 2 for small, 1 for 4 CCRches and 4 small matrix. I was testing in my shop with the 6 for CCx all hooked up. The last is the regular with all the AC controllers on it. I was VERY disappointed until I added more networks and I now i am ok with it. Text is 100% but full frame pictures are not so good. Better when the frame rate is slow.

So...I think you need to start looking at every piece of wire end to end.

Are you sure your USB port is ok? Try another port. Does the USB cable have the magnet filter blocks? Are you using a slow port hub? Try without it. Are you sure the Cat5 ends are not dirty or corroded? They can get dragged in the dirt sometimes.

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