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Making CCR play?


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I am getting ready to run my first test of the display tonight for the Thanksgiving night kick off. Last night I configured my three CCR's and gave them their ID's. I basically ran the configuration all the way to number five in the quick start guide which was actually using the hardware utility to test them. In superstar, everything I programmed my CCR's with so far has been scenes or morphs. I have not used any macros. When I run the hardware utility, all my controllers and all three of my CCR's show up correctly. My question is, am I going to see my CCR arches work tonight as I do in my sequence editor and visualizer, or is there more setup that I am overlooking? I have read up about using macros and am confused as all get out. I will obviously see tonight anyway but if there is something I have not done yet then I would like to spare myself the frustration.

Thanks in advance.


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