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DMX passthrough on CTB16PC?


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Hello -

I am using a CTB16PC on a DMX network. I am hoping to add a whole bunch more CTB16PCs onto this network.

I currently have a crossover cable going from 3-pin DMX to the ethernet connector that the CTB16PC requires. It works perfectly.

What I want to make sure of is this:

If I connect more ethernet cables between my CTB16PC units, will the DMX signal pass though them all down the line? Or will I need to make some sort of splitter going to each unit?

Thanks in advance,


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You only require a cross over cable going from LOR to DMX and from DMX to LOR controllers because the Cat5/6 connections are different. You do not need any cross over cables between LOR devices within a DMX network. The whole network wiill be DMX because thats what you are outputting from the computer so the LOR protocol is never used, it is just DMX that is being sent out onto the network and the LOR controllers will then see that its DMX data being sent and then automatically run in DMX mode. the only real difference is the need for cross over cables.

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