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servodog confusion


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Trying to make sense of the servodog settings. I have an animatronic and lets say I use the utility slider to determine that the mouth is fully open at 1120us and fully closed is 1930us. What do I do with that information? And how does that translate to LOR percentages?

Got to be an easier way


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Not sure if this is the correct way, but this is the way it seemed to work for me during my Halloween display. If I used the medium range (default) motion parameters Min is 1000 and max 2000 (in servodog utility) normally 1000 Min would be 0% and 2000 would be 100%. So if you change the min to 1120 that would be 12% and 1930 would be 93%.

If your animatronic is reversed closed 93% and open 12% then your default would need to be 93% within your sequence editor and fading down to 12% when you want your jaw or animatronic to move.

I may be wrong in my settings, but my Halloween show went for about a week everyday from 6pm to 8pm before taking down it down due to Hurricane Sandy, no problems.

Best of luck,


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