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venturing into DMX RGB


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If you want pixels then you will want a smart strip, one that will have ic info like ws2811, 2801...otherwise if it just says RGB it will probably be a dumb strip, all leds light up the same color.

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If you want to just get started and find out how it all works, First read the RGB lights section document on the Aussie Board (www.auschristmaslighting.com/forums, register, go to the RGB section and look for Introduction to RGB lighting) ,

You can get a starter set (power supply,dumb pixels, controller etc) from David at Holiday Coro (also some GREAT video's on RGB). All you need is either a dongle or adapter cable (really suggest ENNTEC pro as it works first time everytime and takes some of the work off you computer).

if you want every pixel in a string to be the same color you can use dumb strings or strips and only requires 3 channels for each string, If you want to have each pixel addressable individually (chase or multi colors on a single string) you will need smart strings or strips (a number of different chip types available with their own advantages), but requires a controller (pixel net type) and 3 channels for each pixel (50 pixel string = 150 channels).

Check out www.hollidaycoro.com and www.auschristmaslighting.com/forums , also great information (and pixel sets) avialable on www.seasonalentertainmentllc.com check their How To page for a couple of great videos, they also have a smart sting with controller you can run on DMX.

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