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32 channel controller ?


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Just wondering if anything is in the works for a controller with more channels and less amps / channel. Since most are switching to LED it would seem to make sense. 40 amps on 16 channels is overkill for most applications.

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from the link above the price point intruigues me on this but I'm new to this and have no clue about application.

Easy DMX LED controller

Power input:DC 7V- 24V max 15A

Output: 1A each channel max 15A ..... 1A at what voltage ? half my lights are LED but all are 110v

Channel: 27channel 9 group .... can these channels be combined with a LOR pro 16 controller for a 43 channel show ?

Controller: DMX512 XRL 3P

Work temperatire:-20~50

Dimension: 200 x 85 x 25mm

Weight: 0.18Kg

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for the light o rama solution, what is the total cost with the unavailable add on daughter card to make 32 channels ?

So far, I don't think we have even seen hints of pricing for the daughter card for the next 16 channels.

As far as actual costs, switching 110 V is most of the cost, when compared to the quantity of current to be switched. For example, the price difference between the 16A triacs that used to be used, and the 25A triacs now in use is pretty trivial.

That DMX controller is cheaper because it is DC, low voltage (not sure the limit myself) and switches ground, instead of the LOR controller switching the hot lead.

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