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Mini Director External power supply


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Take a look at pages 9 and 10 of the documentation. It has quite a bit of detail on the external power abilities of the mini-director, and beats me cutting and pasting it all in here for you. :)

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Let's try this again (Don might be hitting the adult beverages this evening :P ) as his above link is to a gif button.

Here is the manual for the mini-director: http://www.lightoram...MP3_Man_Web.pdf

See pages 9-12 & 31 for info requested. You are looking for a 9 volt DC power supply (>50 milliamps). I use something that looks like this that I had laying around that met those specs.

However you say you are using the "Showtime Mini-Director" so not sure if you have a mini-director, or a Showtime Mp3 Director, so here is the manual for the Showtime Director too (page 9):


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