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Ok, so I've had 2 CCR's for 2 years now and have only used the instant sequencer mainly to do comet effects.

I have been intimitdated to say the least on this RGB stuff.

My question is - I would like to outline my home with CCR's this season - can I take an existing sequence that I have done in the past and just use those outline colors form the past and paste them 50 times each for the red/blue and green?

Will this work?

Also, just curious on all these videos I've seen with people having them around their windows and such. I thought you should not cut a CCR but there window is clearly not 16ft?

If they did cut the ribbon at certain lenghts - don't you need a controller for each cut section?

Sorry if these questions have been answered somewhere before but I was curious to see if I should invest and try to modify my sequences form the past.

Thank you in advance.

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Or you could copy and paste multiple, all the way to the bottom of the sequence or 49 times. Some of this windows may be smart (non-CCR) strings and are usually DMX. Maybe that will shed some light. Hope I didn't confuse you

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I did, I did, cut ribbons for the windows. At this point I wouldn't suggest trying to get this sort of plan implemented. It took me months of planning. You can cut ribbons and still use one controller per 50 pixels. Cutting voids the warranty. I use 48 pixels per window. The two left over pixels are spares. I would advise that these are fragile. I've lost a few pixels in the cutting and had to use those extra 2 pixels to make repairs. I would love to see others who have cut them for around windows and see how they programmed them. Can you direct me to any videos? I am not using much of the capabilities myself, but hope to grow over the years and learn some better programming.

As far as programming, you could just paste colors, but that seems like a big waste of the capabilities of CCRs. I would say it sounds more like you want to get dumb RGB strips. A hole lot cheaper.


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