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Simple question (or so I hope...)


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Hi everyone. I am getting my feet wet in RGBs this year. I purchased a few Coro Stars and Coro Canes from HolidayCoro. Excellent products May i add... I purchased the power supplies, RGB Modules, and controllers alone with the kits. All went together quick and easy. I programmed the 5 controllers using the HolidatCoro dongle with I can also use to run the RGBs along side of my regular LOR controlers.Now for the Queation....: If I can use the HolidayCoro dongle what is the advantage of using an "Enttec Open)? Is the "Enttec" a better way to run RGB and if I went that way is it a controller which would replace 3 channel controllers I may have to buy in the future if I expand to more channels?

I am currently have my system set up like this:

Comm port 4, LOR Dongle--------> usb485b----> Lor controllers


Comm port 5, HolidayCoro Dongle,-----> RGB elements

All I have to do is start the control panel and run sequences and everything runs

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While it is possible to use the HolidayCoro dongle with a number of different sequencing applications, including LOR S3, they do not support it. The reason is that LOR only provides support for specific DMX output devices (http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/16319-supported-dmx-adapters/). Also, the HolidayCoro dongle doesn't have output voltages as high as those found in the Enttec and Lynx. You milage may vary and if you do use it, I would recommend testing the configuration you intend to use (same cable lengths and cable layout).

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