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Converting existing Channels to DMX


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I want to change my existing channels in old sequences to DMX. Last year I ran in DMX but the controllers were numbered:

Controller(unit) 1 Channel 1-16

Controller(unit) 2 Channel 1-16

and so on which was not hard as I had a low channel count. This year I have added RGB & tripled the number of channels. I want to use last years sequences but want to change all channel numbering to DMX.

Can I just go into the existing sequence & go to channel setting, under device type change to DMX, leave the universe as 1( I will only have 1 universe for my show) and then set the address number. After all are set save.

Will this work & have no problems?

Thanks Mike

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That will work. What I did was created a new channel template and recreated all my sequences. To do this I would open my old sequence and add two standard channels below each existing channels. Then I would copy that channel sequence to the two channels below it. Then I would copy it and paste it into my sequence with RGB. This way you get ON channels for all your your RGB sequences.

From here you can use the forefront tool to change the channel color.

If you copy and paste a group of standard channels over and RGB it will not work since each RGB takes up 3 standard. If you don't copy your existing channel sequence into the two empty channels below you will end up with a all red. Red can't be changed using the forefront tool.

I hope this makes sense if not let me know i will include examples.

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