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DC MP3 Director with out SD connected to Comp?


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Is it possible to run the show from my computer to the DC-MP3 then to the rest of the contollers in order to use the DC-MP3 directors audio output so I dont have to run an audio cable all the way from my computer to the FM transmitter?

Last year I used the DC-MP3 to run my show and it worked good. This year I want to add some schedules that the DC cant do. I have run cat5 but I dont want to run a cable from the computer to the FM transmitter considering it is a ways away.

I guess the better question is: Is the audio information even sent with the lightind over the network?

Any thoughts?



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It's going to be one or the other, but you can't run the shows from both. (Well, not that I know of. Wouldn't surprise me if someone has some elaborate way to run them both at the same time, but I'd imagine the troubleshooting would be difficult/impossible.)

To answer your other question - No, the audio is not sent over the LOR network.

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The LOR network uses only 2 of the 4 pairs in a cat5 cable. You could use a pair of baluns on each end to send audio. I would experiment by buying a set of these:


...and then taking them apart to see which pairs they use. Then you can wire a cat5 splitter cable to take pairs 1-2 and 7-8 from the LOR network and connect them to the pairs that these baluns use.

One warning: Since the LOR data is sent down the same cable, there may be some interference. You should experiment first to see how clean the audio sounds on the radio. You can reduce the interference by turning the volume up on the computer, and using an attenuator on the transmitter side.

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