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Ok I finally upgraded to S3 after using LOR 2.9.4 for the last year. I am on the verge of upgrading my 2011 sequences and try and do a couple songs between no on Dec 1. With that being said I thought I would ask the masses of any really good time saving tips.

I am very much still out of date with my sequencing methods. I am a mouse clicker type of guy. BUt after using LOR for the last 7 years I am not certain what will save me the most time. I have watched several videos and read some of the posts and things that are pinned but I don;t see anything that really stands out to me. So if you have anything that you think may help and would like to post thanks in advanced.

Also I am all incandescents and LEDS, no RGB;s or pixels yet.

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I just don't see much in s3 to really help me sequence faster. Didn't know if I was missing something.

I've watched the videos and read a bunch but it seems like my sequencing methods won't change much.

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