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Audio Playback control

Paul Dexter

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Maybe this is a new guy question. I have combed "help" and tutorials for the answer and I am just not seeing it.

There are 3 play sequences buttons in the Sequence Editor - 1. PLAY, 2. PLAY AGAIN, 3.STOP

The PLAY button starts the track over, and the PLAY AGAIN button starts the track over - same exact result.

However, the audio buttons on the SuperStar Sequencer, give audio options, stop, start, etc. without starting at the beginning. I want to be able to replay specific parts of the track in the Sequence Editor. How do I do that?



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The Sequence Editor PLAY button begins play according to how you have the play range defined - full sequence, visible screen, etc...

The PLAY AGAIN button overrides the play range you've selected and repeats the very last thing you played, beginning from the exact same point as the last thing you played started from.

+1 for visible screen and wearing a spot thin on the spacebar...

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