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My 64 channels - so far CTB16DV3 - specs ?

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Well, I just went & looked thru the 4 board/enclosures I bought

I have: all rated for 40a, in Ritetime enclosures - all green boards

(1) CTB16D

(3) CTB16DV3

So I have controller card - can run the show in standalone
But I am planning on running this from a laptop or another PC

I can't seem to find the CTB16DV3 version on the website? I did a search, it did not turn up any results

I need to buy the LOR software (extended version?) starter pack

I'm also planning on adding (4) PC-CTB16B w/high power heat sinks cards to this setup

I can't seem to find specs on the DV3 version or the version I am planning on buying
I just want to be sure all the cards can do the "same thing" as far as dimming, etc
The spec sheet for the PC version seems to indicate it will do all the same things
On - Off - Fade - Twinkle - Shimmering

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Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but, essentially, all of the LOR boards are identical as far as what they can do as far as lighting control. (Older boards might be an exception.)

The only difference that I can see among any of the current models is that some have "soft" unit selectors vs. physical switches.

Some models might have ADDITIONAL features like MP3 playback, etc. but the lighting control is the same.

I think even the triacs are the same across all models as well.

As for your DV3 - I think that one's got the wireless feature - but don't quote me. ;)

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Hmmmm...thought I had replied to this thread...guess not
Thanks for the information

I'm now looking at the PIR motion detector to start up some lights as an alarm system
3 days left in the sale..I have time


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Well, you need the software. LOR was originally going to release 2 versions...one for controlling lights with LOR boards, and one for X-10 and I/O boards. That idea was scrapped, and now it's only the extended version...no basic version. You should also get the STARTER PACK...that comes with the USB/serial connector.

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Yes, I am ordering 2 more controllers w/starter pack extended software version

At present I do not have any software or connector
I bought the 4 boards second hand

I need to figure out if I can do the show from the computer
Then after the show shuts down hav ethe downloaded version on the director card start-up via the PIR if it detects motion

Or if you can run one show or the other, but not both

It would be a small pain (?) if I had to download a different show to my director card after the show each night


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