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Need help switching/upgrading to S3.7


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Hi everyone,

Was hoping you could help, have searched the threads but just seem to get more confused, with something I know should be easy so I apologise in advance...

I want to upgrade to 3.7.0, from 2.9.4. including Super Star (only for auto sequencing, no ccr's, yet anyway :) ) I am licensed for V3, but only up to 3.1 as below

Feature Level: Advanced

SuperStar Feature Level: Demo

Seats: 5

Max Version: 3.1

Can only see where I can upgrade to advanced on the LOR site, I just want to be able to run 3.7 and Super Star, what do I need to do to get to the latest version...

Thanks again


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Hey Don,

I'm already up to 3.7.0 Advanced License and think that is near or at the last version I can upgrade too, if, and when I purchase a SS license would it also extend that to future versions of the SE past the 3.7.0 version?

Just wondering how that actually works when I finally purchase the SS license {which I hope will be within the next couple weeks}. No CCR's here either yet, but would like to try out that "auto sequencer" on some of the songs that are giving me fits to get just right! :wacko::D

Just noticed my info under the blank avatar was still at version 3.6.0, had forgotten to go into my profile to update that to 3.7.0. But correct now. LOL

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