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DIO32/DIO16CONV1 "Sinking outs"

Steve Constantino

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Don't know if anyone else has had this problem. For my application I need to have the digital outs to be sinking (-) and the common's to be positive. Ok... So the DIO32 allows you to take the digital outs and invert them. Dip switch setting: off, off, on, on. This will allow the digital outs to be negitive, Great! The problem lies with the DIO16 connection board. The commons on the connection board are negititve and there is no way to change them to positive regardless of what the setting are on the DIO32. It would be nice if LOR would put a jumper on the DIO16 connection board to allow you to choose a negitive or positive common depending on your application. I did a mod to my DIO16 connection boards to make this change, see pics. I just wanted to give others a heads up if they were going to invert the digital outs for a sinking application.


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