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How to change the "stage" ?


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Newbie Alert!

How can I change the Visualizer image/stage/thing?

When I click the Filmstrip, it brings up the wrong image... How do you change it?

I've looked through the forums but didn't find it...

Thanks in advance!

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IF . . .

you are looking for the Animator built into the Sequence Editor, it can be selected by clicking the filmstrip icon on the main toolbar (it is the eleventh icon from the left end). When the Animator appears, it comes up in one of two "modes": 1) the Animation mode (in which all you see are the image and five buttons at the top), or 2) the "edit mode" (which shows part of the image and a small set of controls down the left side).

To change the image make sure you are in the "edit mode". If not, then simply click the double-arrow at teh top of the window to get there. Go down to "Background Image" and click on the Select button. Hope this gets you where you want to be.

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