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Superb Feature - Channel Remapping

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Guest wbottomley

I brought this up a few years ago. It would be nice to have an option to remap channels in the hardware utility. Example: channel 14 triac dies and channels 15 & 16 are unused. So in turn a person would connect to one of those two open channels. Instead of reprogramming every sequence, just remap channel 14 to 15 or 16. Problem solved in a matter of seconds.

Now... when polling the network, the unit where channels have been remap would have a box to appear with a notification about the change. This would prevent user error or think it would but that requires a thought process.

If you like this idea, send your thoughts to wishlist@lightorama.com

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From the been-there, done-that club, I agree it would be a lot easier and quicker to re-assign one thing from the HU instead of having to copy an updated .lcc into dozens or scores of sequences.

Wishlist request sent.

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