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Requirements for setting up CCR with exising LOR


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Hi, I am in Australia, and have an existing LOR Christmas display and would like to extend my display by adding a cosmic colour ribbon tree.

I have been reading the spec sheets and some of the forum conversations, but am still confused as to what I need to link this to my existing set-up.

I currently run 5 LOR 16 channel controllers (max 30 amps each) on 240 volts, and have showtime software suite S2. This is connected to a PC by a USB Converter USB485B.

From the documentation, it appears that I just connect the first CCR to the LOR Controller. Is this connected via a Cat5 cable, and then do I just daisy chain the other CCR's (like LOR controllers)?

Do I then need to upgrade my software, and is there anything else I need to upgrade or get so that I can run and synchronise the CCR into my light display.

I also want to set up a CCR tree - any ideas on how to make one?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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