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I know everyone's busy. I just have two quick questions before the sale. Thinking about purchasing a CTB16KD and pull one of my other controllers for a back-up.

What's the difference between the The CTB16KD and the CTB16PC besides the the two hex, rotary dip switches for controller ID?

The manual says

For use with incandescent lamps

and line voltage LED strings

What are line voltage LED strings? I assume they have the transformere in-line, but I'm not sure.



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They need to be using the same voltage you are plugging the controller into. So basically, if you can plug the LED's directly into the wall, you can plug them into the controller.

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I bought a used D and a used PC over the past couple months.

The D has terminal strips, the PC has quick connects.

D has on-board ID setting with the dials.

D is spec'd at 2x20 A capacity, PC at 2x15.

If you're doing LEDs, of course, that last difference really isn't going to matter much.

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Thanks guys. That clears it up. Just wanted to make sure I was reading the manual properly.


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