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While waiting on the sale, I am trying to figure out the best way to do 4 arches (25 RGB sections each). I was going to get two CCRs, and do what many on here have done by tie strapping them to PVC pipe. However, they just posted the CCBs and CCPs to the site, and it got me thinking. My question is, has anyone used CCBs or CCPs to create arches? It seems to be a cheeper (and maybe easier) option to tie strap the bulbs/pixels to the PVC, and could use just one CCB/CCP rather than needing 2 CCRs. However, not sure how it would look -- maybe a bit empty (more space between bulbs than between each 3 pixel section of the CCR). Would not be a need to cut the CCP/CCB though like might be necessary with the CCR.

Thoughts? Since we all have some spare time waiting for the sale to post, I was thinking you all might give me some advice! :)

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