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Types of servomotors


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What types of servo motor can use with Servodog (servo outputs, which have 25mA max)? Please, if you can that to provide links on these motor.

How must i connect motor to servodog ? Can you provide schemes or pictures ?

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The 24ma. "output" of the servo dog just controls the position signal for the servo. The servo motor draws a considerable current (1 or 2 amps typical) when turning under load. The motor is supplied by a different power source (the servo dog has two adjustable servo motor supplies) than the "output" signal.

Just about any (analog or digital) radio control type servo should work with the servo dog.

The servo should have a three wire cable and connector. Usually the black and red are power and the white or yellow is the "signal". Just plug in the connector to the servo dog "servo header" at the end of the card.


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