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Link controller mounted in GEN3 enclosure


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did a search and didn't see anything on this topic...

I got all of my march sale items and notice the hardware of the easy links could fit in the gen3 enclosure. If i were to drill a hole on top for the antenna and silicone around the hole and clue the hardware to the top... would this be a problem? looking for thoughts. would the wireless signal being so close cause interference in the board? or any other problems arise? I sure the silicone would seal off the rain i'm sure, so leaking wouldn't be a problem. I would seal off prior to inserting the apdapter through the hole... then seal around the antenna after screwing it on the adapter. Thanks for the input!


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A little security Rob.

You dont have to put the antenna on the top of the box. Can go on the bottom of the box too. Just dont put it on the side of the box. As long as the antenna is above the ground and is not blocked by any metal on the bottom of the box. R.F. does not care if it is right side up or right side down. Now if this was me. And, there would be no interference with the antenna mounted to the bot of the box. I would go for the bottom of the box. Murphy's law says that if something can leak it will. Just saying.

Murphy has taught me to be extra cautious and minimize all possible failures. Of course your mileage may vary.

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