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Feature Request: Intelligent Channels

Tim Fischer

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Not sure if this has ever been requested before. I know I've pondered it before, but I don't think I've ever requested it.

LOR could add a feature called "intelligent channels". Basically it would allow you to build logic into a channel, so it can react based on other channels.

Lets say you have an animated flower. Each petal of the flower is a separate channel, and there is a central "hub" on a separate channel as well. You want the central "hub" to light up any time one (or more) of the petals is lit up.

Another example:
You have an animated face. You want the "outline" of the face to be lit up whenever one of the various mouth movement shapes is lit up.

-Allow for complex boolean expressions, eg "Turn channel 8 on if any of Channel 1-7 is on, or Channel 16 on another unit is on".
-Allow for hard-coded overrides (e.g. turning on the central hub independently, or forcing it off).
-Allow for "on" and "off" effects- e.g. when none of the channels are lit that would cause the intelligent channel to be lit, fade it out over 2 seconds, etc.
-Allow RGB mirroring.


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+1 Lots of possibilities with this type of feature. Would have saved me from having to use some relays to replicate some Boolean logic in a prop I recently built.

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I should have added that the ability to do the *opposite* of another channel (or series of channels) would also be crucial.

Example: 2 channels of eyes, one open, one closed. Program the closed channel. Set the "open" channel so that it's the opposite of that channel. (Yes you can do this today with cut&paste + the toggle tool, but only with one channel, only if you don't use fades, and it's not dynamic)

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