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Has anyone found any reasonable sources for a metal channel or decent looking plastic housing for mounting of a LED strip to a house? I'm trying to make a permanent installation.

I found a number of sources but they are ridiculously expensive.... like $40 for a 6 foot section for aluminum.

The other consideration is that it seemed like these products had good plastic diffuser options built into some of the metal channel products.

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I believe a lot of people use the vinyl "J" Channel used to install soffits...

Check out this thread:


and this one....scroll down near the end:


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Another option for you would be to use "C" channel for lights.
If you go to a Lowe's or Home Depot and ask for the c channel that is used to edge trim lattice panels, you will be on the right track.
That channel fits C6 style blubs great and also works for other sizes as well.
Or you can fix the strip to one side and then slide the c section over gutter to hold it in place as well.

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I was thinking of possibly using an architectural C channel aluminum and attaching it to the house with stainless posts. But that doesn't come with a slide in diffuser. I guess i'm looking for a cheap solution that doesn't look cheap :P

I don't think the J channel solution is what i'm looking for. Most of what appeals to me is the specialized LED strip channel aluminum mounting stock, but like I said at $40 for a 6 feet length seems really pricey. Its probably really only worth like $10. I was hoping someone might have a good supplier that doesn't charge megabucks.

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