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Controlling DMX devices through hardware utility

Gary Levelius

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Is the subject doable?

A quick overview:

LOR "A" network configured on COM2 with a Dynex USB to serial cable and the SC485 dongle. First DMX network defined as the USB485B set on COM3 and RAW DMX protocol. Software is latest S3 version.

I know I can control the regular LOR network through the hardware utility by setting it to use COM2 port, but by setting to COM3 (the USB485B set as DMX) would the hardware utility know to use the DMX protocol to send to devices on that network?

I have some WS2801 intelligent strips and pixels from Ray Wu that I will be testing and need to know if I'll be able to test them with the hardware utility or if I will physically have to create sequences in the sequence editor to run them since I know it knows to use the proper protocol based on the network preferences and channel configs.


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