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Ok, so now how do I set it up?


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I just ordered a rainbow flood with the Cat 5 connectors and transformer. So, how do I hook everything up? Seasonal entertainment's website has a PDF on this but it uses the Rainbow extreme as an example which isn't all that helpful because you don't need to use a blender with the extreme but DO need to use a rainbow brain. Also, what type of cords should I use to connect everything? Thanks alot.:)

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DMX dongle to Rainbow Brain via cat5e. Rainbow Brain to Rainbow floods via cat5e is how I first did mine. I then switched to his pigtails to replace the cat5e connection at the flood unit itself to be more waterproof.

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Hi Marsh,

We have a document on the Downloads page that shows how to setup DMX with LOR and more importantly how to connect your floods to the Brain.


The issue here is that document shows the iDMX. I know many of you are not using that iDMX anymore, which is fine. What will be different is your DMX dongle will connect to your computer via a USB cable and than to the Rainbow Brain. Just remember that you will need a some sort of adapter to convert your dongle to DMX. With the LOR adapters you will need our LOR to DMX adapter here:


That goes from LOR to DMX or from DMX to LOR depending on your setup.

If you are using the Enttec dongles you will need this:


That converts your XLR connections to the DMX standard for Cat-5. That cat 5 cable than connects into the DMX In/Out ports of Brain and can go into any other DMX device from there.

Hope that helps a little more.


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