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USB485 works with FreeStyler 512


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Okay, so I'm really new to the forums and I hope I don't overstep my boundaries. But I have discovered something BIG (at least to me it is big!)

I have wanted for some time now to use an adapter to control DMX lights from the computer using free software. But I have never had the money to buy an expensive USB to DMX adapter. I do however have a LOR USB485 for my LOR Christmas shows.

I started thinking and I got to fiddling around with FreeStyler and if you select Enttec open DMX it works. Just use LOR hardware editor to configure the com first. Also SOH's music visualization software picks it up right away. So free limitless control of anything DMX is at your fingertips.

This is good news for all the software DMX junkies as the LOR USB485 adapter sells for $30. And the closest USB-DMX adapter on eBay sells for $42. The former is quite a good deal if you ask me.

Anyways, thought this would benefit the community. The main benefit is the ability to control moving light fixtures and LED fixtures over DMX instead of LOR protocol. I have long searched for a cheap method of using my computer to run DMX. Here it is.

Have a good year everyone!

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I am excited and confused all at the same time!

I have the LOR usb485b and I bought a LOR rj45 to xlr 3 pin male adapter. I have also just got in the mail a KMTronic usb-dmx512 adapter. (I have tried both of them and I cannot get the damn thing to work!)

I have downloaded freestyler and have seen and selected the entec open dmx but I cannot get the thing to work either.

Why am I having so hard of a time to get my lights to come on with dmx?

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Did you configure the appropriate comm port using the LOR Hardware?

If not here is how I did it:

1) Hook up LOR controller via cat-5 to the USB485 and search for the controller to find the correct serial (comm) port.
2) Close any and all LOR programs and boot up FreeStyler. (You must only run one program at a time otherwise either program might try to take over the USB485).

3) Under the FreeStyler interface setup while all LOR programs are not running "FT232R USB UART" should appear once the appropriate comm port is selected.

I hope this helps. If that doesn't work there are a few other things that may help but I suggest trying this method first.

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Not seeing this "FT232R USB UART" on the freestyler setup. I can pull down a lot of other controllers but not that one.

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Sorry, sorry. I meant after you select "Enttec open DMX" from the drop down list of interface adapters "FT232R USB UART" should appear as a second drop down menu directly underneath "Enttec open DMX."

It may read only comm ports at first which is when you will select the appropriate adapter port. Restart the program and do the exact same thing. This final step should allow the program to recognize the adapter as a "FT232R USB UART" adapter. You may need to re-select "Enttec open DMX" for the second drop down menu to appear with "FT232R USB UART."

I hope this is clear. If not I can make a video and post it up. This is what I should have done in the first place. I am leaving for the weekend so I will have to do it when I get back.

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A couple of things here. First of, yes, by all means the LOR adapters should work. They follow the DMX standard (minus the pinouts) and work really well as DMX adapters. You are also correct that they are going to be the cheapest and most reliable adapter out there...hands down. Especially when it comes to meeting the DMX standard.

Next, everyone needs to remember that LOR uses pins 4 and 5 to transmit their data. That is NOT the DMX standard...it is LOR's. DMX must be used on pins 1 and 2. (this is for cat-5 cabling). So, if you are using one of the LOR adapters and find that your lights are not performing as they should this is because the pin outs are wrong.

Next, realize that LOR sells and XLR to Cat-5 adapter. It works great for converting the XLR pin outs to the LOR standard I stated before. So if you are using your LOR controllers in DMX mode, this will work great. However, if you are using a DMX device that accepts Cat-5 cabling (free advertising here) like the Rainbow Brain or the Rainbow Flood Extreme, than this will not work. The data is being transmitted on the wrong cable pairings in the cat-5 cabling.

You need would than need a XLR to Cat-5 adapter that converts the cabling to the correct pin outs. We, at Seasonal Entertainment, happen to sell them (more free advertising) here:


Next week our presale will start and we also will have a cat-5 adapter that coverts back and forth between LOR and DMX. That can just plug into any LOR controller or DMX controller and everyone talks and plays beautifully! That can be found here:


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